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  1. You must run the latest version (>=0.18.1) of Qtum core wallet.
  2. All nodes must keep online and be able to provide blockchain data.
  3. Each address can be bound to 5 IPs at most. If you have more than 5 IPs, we will count the first 5 when doing the lucky draw.
  4. You can check the status here. It's updated every 5 minutes.
  5. The lucky draw will be held once every two hours. It will start from 15th July to 23rd October (UTC+8) until all the awards have been given away.
  6. The prizes for the winners will be automatically transferred to their addresses immediately after the lucky draw.


1. Luckydraw Prize


2. Online Prize

When the event ends, there will be total of 500 QTUM dispered to the top 100 nodes with the most cumulative online time and hasn't won any awards nodes.
This award will be counted by the user’s IP, when there are several different effective nodes that run under the same IP, the one that stays online the longest will be selected automatically.

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